Concept One Inc. uses a strict regimen for treating alcohol & drug addicts. The regimen uses a therapeutic composition for detoxifying drug or alcohol addicts. The regimen is comprised of sodium ascorbate, calcium gluconate, magnesium chloride, and thiamine hydrochloride in a saline solution compatible with blood serum. The method for detoxifying addicts begins with oral doses of sodium ascorbate, calcium and magnesium for about 6 hours, after which time the therapeutic detoxifying composition is parenterally administered to complete detoxification in the absence of withdrawal symptoms and “guts craving.” Amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and proteins are given after detoxification to replenish the body’s supply of these essential items.

The following manuals (protocols) are absolutely necessary for use and implementation of the regimen for treating alcohol and drug addicts:

  1.  Physician’s Manual
  2.  Nursing Department Administrative Manual
  3.  Psychology – Counselor’s Manual
  4.  Family Follow-Up Manual
  5. Special Substance Abuse Diet – Nutrition For Life, LLC.

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